RiverOak’s Response to TDC Cabinet meeting – 11th December 2014


Department for Transport review.

RiverOak Investment Corp has sent a detailed dossier to the Department for Transport containing information provided to Thanet District Council to date and a narrative, which covers additional background information relating to any meetings held between RiverOak and TDC, that RiverOak hopes may be useful to the DfT in their review.

In the interests of transparency, by distributing this information, RiverOak has waived confidentiality clauses in place with TDC as it pertains to the information that RiverOak has sent to the recipients. Copies of this dossier have also been delivered to every member of Thanet District Council.

Stephen DeNardo, Chief Executive of RiverOak Investment Corp. said: “By taking these steps we again seek to demonstrate that RiverOak is not only a suitable and capable indemnity partner, but is also an organisation that is genuinely committed to the long term success of Manston Airport. We look forward to feedback from both the Department for Transport and the members of Thanet District Council and hope that, in the New Year, we will be in a position to move forward in partnership with the council to get Manston Airport open again as soon as possible.