Please respond to the draft Local Plan


The Thanet Local Plan will set out policies and proposals that will be used to guide decisions and investment on development and regeneration over the period to 2031. It will set out how and where homes, jobs, community facilities, shops and infrastructure will be delivered.

You can read the full local plan at:

More pro-Manston responses are needed, please email your comments to Please make your response count by including the following for Manston Airport written in your own words please:

* All 700+ acres of the Manston site to remain for aviation use only.
* No mixed development or housing, even on the Northern Grassland.
* No renaming or rezoning of the area as a general opportunity site, or anything else that could jeopardise the airport’s future as an aviation site.

If you would like to complete the full Draft Local Plan consultation online instead of simply submitting comments, consult our ‘plain English’ guide at to help simplify the process.

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