An Overview of RiverOak’s Plan for Manston Airport


Our Plan for Manston

Our vision is to revive Manston Airport as a successful and profitable Sky Port and Integrated Aviation Services Hub following a successful Compulsory Purchase Order of the site by Thanet District Council. RiverOak has confirmed its intention to become a partner with Thanet District Council and indemnify the Council – and therefore the taxpayer – of all costs arising out of the CPO.

Phase 1

Following a successful CPO, the focus will be on re-establishing the airport’s cargo business, particularly on perishable cargo, which successfully represented Manston’s core business for several years prior to its closure.

Perishables are considered by the aviation industry to be the most rapidly growing air freight sector and Manston Airport is ideally suited, geographically and with the physical infrastructure of a long runway, hangars and space for development, to cope with virtually any level of demand.

We also plan to build up to five new hangars offering extensive capability for aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul operations (MRO) and aircraft recycling.

A number of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have already expressed a keen interest in having a facility there.

Phase 2

While cargo, teardown and MRO will form the core business plan, when the airport becomes operationally profitable RiverOak will consider adding passenger services, focusing on both routes to leisure destinations as well as number of scheduled business routes.

Jobs for East Kent

Our plans for Manston will create significant local skilled employment, with an estimated 400 direct jobs being created in the first phase, as well as additional indirect jobs and economic benefit in Thanet and the East Kent region as a whole.

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