If elected as the Member of Parliament for the South Thanet constituency I would endeavour to raise the profile of Manston Airport to a national level. Specifically, I would take the lead on lobbying the Department for Transport and other public bodies such as the Civil Aviation Authority and the Airports Commission.

I would look to re-establish the Manston Airport government task-force to ensure more rapid and wider-reaching support for the airport. I would aim to participate in other relevant Select Committees to further the cause of Manston Airport. I will particularly look to lobby the Davis Commission to put forward the case for Manston Airport.

Where appropriate, I will bring up Manston Airport and related issues whenever in debates and at Prime Minister’s Question Time. I will bring forward the questions and concerns of the local community and ensure they are addressed rather than side-stepped by government ministers.

Locally, I will encourage the fast tracking of the compulsory purchase order by Thanet District Council. I will make it my duty to ensure that Thanet District Council is given all the support they require. I would also like to ensure the much-needed infrastructure for the airport, including the new high-speed rail link, is a priority. This will also be of great benefit to local people.

In the longer term, I will promote the regeneration of Thanet through the re-development of Manston Airport into a vibrant and successful aviation park.
This will include the encouragement and incentives for new businesses to locate to Thanet, particularly those that are aviation related. I am particularly interested in boosting the opportunities for training and apprenticeships by partnering the airport with local colleges and education institutes.

If I were elected it would be a clear signal of what the people of Thanet want and I would work tirelessly to achieve it. If you would like to support me, please consider printing out my campaign flyer (click the image below) and displaying or sharing it.