Hangars being used for non-aviation use contravening planning law.


I am absolutely outraged that businesses are being allowed and encouraged to move into hangars and the equine facility at Manston Airport while it’s future is still undecided.

TDC’s planning department seem to be able to do little about it except for issuing retrospective planning permission for change of use or urging them to “obtain pre application advice before submitting a planning application”.

I would love to know the length and terms of these leases and wonder if they realise that they could be moving out soon depending on the outcome of PWC’s findings.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these companies are being offered very low rates to relocate in a cynical ploy of the ‘owners’ in order to flex their muscles and assert themselves.

I have no desire to turn away any business from Thanet but there are plenty of other empty business units that these companies could move into. We need the airport to attract businesses from outside of Thanet, not just relocating within Thanet, and we need an aviation freight hub to facilitate the transportation of goods.

Hopefully the new District Council in May will put through the CPO with immediate effect and this will be settled once and for all.