The party is a non-profit organisation and we solely rely on donations.  Donations are used for publicity materials and expenses directly related to the campaign.

We have to keep and submit records of any donations received as well as any discounts on purchases.  As part of the records, for donations over certain levels we have to check that person is on the current electoral roll in the case of individuals.  For that reason we will always ask for the address details of any donor for our records.  We have 30 days to check this permissibility before accepting or returning the donation.

Donation Methods

We can accept donations by means of:

  1. Personal cheque made payable to “Manston Airport Independent Party”.
  2. Cash.
  3. Bank transfer (please contact us for details).
  4. PayPal transfer – the donate button is below, but please be aware that we are charged a small transaction fee for this transfer.

Donate via PayPal to our account