Ruth Bailey currently the only female PPC in Thanet South


Ruth Bailey will be representing the Manston Airport Independent Party in the 2015 General Election in the Thanet South constituency. Fighting against UKIP’s Nigel Farage and Al Murray’s Pub Landlord, among others, Ruth is currently the only female prospective parliamentary candidate in the constituency.

After the debacle last week surrounding the Ramsgate Round Table hustings in Broadstairs, which allegedly saw women being refused entry, Ruth commented that “many still view women as second class citizens, especially when it comes to politics, and that is totally unacceptable.” It was originally hoped that Ruth would have been invited to speak at the hustings as a PPC, particularly as Manston Airport has been such a crucial topic recently, but the organisers later decided against this.

Ruth, a primary school teacher and mother of three, is passionate about local initiatives and community involvement. It was therefore only natural that Ruth felt compelled to campaign against the closure of highly regarded Manston Airport. With the airport site facing the prospect of housing and an industrial estate sprawl, Ruth decided to form the Manston Airport Independent Party. Reflecting on the campaign to save Manston Airport from destruction, Ruth believes that “the closure of Manston Airport is an injustice to the people of Thanet, an injustice to those who served there in the RAF, and also a national injustice.”

She continues that she “can’t believe that Thanet District Council are being wilfully negligent in regard to the airport’s future” after the decision came not to conduct a compulsory purchase at this time.

The primary aim of the Manston Airport Independent Party is to use the platform of the General Election to raise the profile of Manston Airport in Kent and further afield. Former RAF Manston has a proud history stretching back almost 100 years but was recently closed for suburban re-development. With a large runway, uncongested airspace, extensive infrastructure and proximity to Europe we believe that the airport is ideally suited to meet UK air capacity demands now and into the future.